608 CM
220 CM
Paino ilman moottoria
Korkeus vene
163 CM
Tankin tilavuus
122 L
Max moottori
175 HP
Max henkilöä
CE -luokka
Hinta alkaen
49 400 €
12 V Pistorasia

1-akku järjestelmä

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Ankkuriluukku perässä

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Driven by passion

Experience the unrivaled agility and comfort of the Avant 605 - the perfect match for your one-day trips at sea. Its layout, large windscreen and open bow creates a seamless flow from bow to aft. Tack sharp handling combined with sporty performance inspires active driving and bring pure fun at the wheel.

Effortless Handling. Uncompromising Safety.

Experience the thrill of sporty handling and smooth travel with the Avant 605. This exceptional vessel features a deep V-hull that effortlessly slices through the water, delivering unparalleled performance and precision.

Designed with safety in mind, the Avant 605 boasts a tall freeboard and wide bow-section, providing the ultimate in protection and security for all on board. Whether cruising at slow speeds or pushing the limits at high speed, you can trust that the Avant 605 will deliver a stable and safe boating experience.

Features of the bowrider

The captivating design in combination with the award-winning hull from the Enduro 605 makes the Avant 605 a complete bowrider. The hull is a high performing, comfortable element which ensures a smooth ride. With the features of a bowrider, it quickly becomes a family friend. The large windscreen makes sure everyone aboard stays protected even at high speeds.

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